View Full Version : slowdowns in Windows 98SE with 71.84 drivers

03-18-05, 12:30 PM
Well, I've upgraded to the 71.84 drivers on my Windows 98SE box because of some video playback incompatibilities with the previous one I was using (66 series, I forgot which one. Would cause the PC to hang and beep with a semi-garbled screen if I interrupt video playback somehow). I at once noticed that it didn't like Norton Systemworks 2000 very much, occasionally causing major slowdowns with some applications (notably Flash and Shockwave running on Mozilla). I'd also encounter the same slowdown if I tried to open the NVidia control panel. The problem would go away if I disabled Norton temporarily. I figured it's a norton problem because I've had that happen to me with other programs before, usually installers.

My question is, is there a way around it instead of totally disabling the antivirus? what program(s) or file(s) do I need to put into Norton's exclusion list, if any? I cannot upgrade to a newer version of Windows on this box because I need to run legacy programs, and I'd prefer to not move on to a newer version of Norton Systemworks because they don't protect Win98 boxes as well as they used to.

Thanks in advance.