View Full Version : Best drivers for Act of War?

03-19-05, 10:28 PM

03-19-05, 10:31 PM
I have a random lockups with 71.84...

03-20-05, 03:01 AM
Well, I'm using the 71.84 too but I suffer no random lockups. Seeing how our systems are pretty similar, I wonder what it causing your problems.

Did you perhaps "acquire" the game instead of buying it?

03-20-05, 07:03 AM
75.90 here............

Plays smooooooooooth as a baby! :D :D

03-20-05, 07:58 AM
Act of War do a lot multi functional items inside the game, if u like to run it smooth, close all unwanted programs running in the background for better performance.
Even with 71.84 it works, but stutters will have the solutions that other programs had more high priorety that Act of Wars have, so close them down!


03-20-05, 09:52 AM
I defragmented hard drive and no more lockups, and changed LOD from clamp to allow. Now it's smooth :)

03-21-05, 06:58 AM
Using 71.84 officials and it's working great!

I've only played a few missions so far, but I'm digging the game! Brings back the old style Command & Conquer and Red Alert days with the live acting sequences. Pretty cool! Good story plot so far and graphics are killer!

03-21-05, 07:40 AM
Cool, using 71.60s here...gameplay itself is slick and fluent but stutters between when the live action sequences kick in

03-21-05, 07:49 AM
or was that 76.10s ...lol