View Full Version : Maybe a dumb question about profiles.

03-21-05, 06:14 AM
Like I said, it's probably a dumb question but how do the profiles work ?
Is it so that when you start a game for which a profile is available, that the driver automatically detects it and makes this profile active ? Or do you have to choose this profile first from the list under applications and make it active yourself before you start the game ?
And if the first is true, are the global driver settings applied again after you finish the game and start a game for which no profile is available ?

03-21-05, 06:50 AM
The profiles are connected to the games' .exe

When you launch the game, the profile gets active.

If there is no profile for the game, the global driver settings are applied.

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03-21-05, 10:17 AM
The profiles also tend to NOT FUNCTION PROPERLY.