View Full Version : 71.84 helps DVI signal at 1600x1200 but temps

03-21-05, 12:32 PM
I thought I'd post this in a new thread since the DVI issue seems pretty unique (havent met anybody else with it yet).


So like most nv users I switched to the 71.84whql's and immediately noticed the card was running hotter. But unlike most of you I have the GT and A64 looped into a zalman reserator and I can feel with my palm the reserator is alot hotter, the CPU internal diode reports it idling near 50 (when before it was 43-44) and the GPU idling at 61 when earlier it was 55.

So the GPU is heating the CPU and the reserator, its not just a bug with the temp reading.

Also as I posted in this thread when I got my GT 6 months ago:

I had a blue hissing problem in the black end of the DVI signal at 1600x1200 on this 20,1" TFT. The 71.84whql almost entirely takes care of this. Before I had to raise the brightness to 101 or even 102% in nv control panel to bring up the blacks enough to make the hiss completely disappear, but now I can keep it at 100% no probs (also tried 98% to check if nvidia was cheating).

I can paint a black (0/0/0) bmp in mspaint, blow it to full screen and stare at the screen upclose for 10 seconds without seeing a single blue pixel or spark, where with earlier drivers the blackest black was flashing with single blue streaks and groups of blue pixels every other second or so.

So to conclude, this driver seems to be pushing the GPU with more power thus heating it up but also providing for a better quality signal from the integrated DVI processor (which is on die, not external like in the FX series).

Your thoughts?