View Full Version : Monitor woes, 21" BNC

03-21-05, 01:23 PM
Well, I got this 21" CRT monster today, it uses 5 BNC or VGA and currently I only have a 5 BNC -> VGA cable, no VGA cable.
I got it up and running, however its very dark and has 2 "smeared spikes" going from left to right, about 2 cm thick.
If i put anything on it (secondary display atm), its very dark and distorted colors in the top left corner, and in some areas the screen will just go into "out of sync", or if I put a fullscreen window on it..

It seems to be running on 3 BNC with Sync-On-Green atm, even tho all 5 is connected... removing H and V sync cables doesnt do anything..
Anyone have any experience with this kind of monitors?
I dunno what to do, next step would be try using a VGA cable, but I cant get one until tomorrow..

been cracking my skull about this ALL evning, and just after i Posted this thread i reversed the H and V connectors and now all is well..
Lo and behold the village idiot!

03-22-05, 07:26 PM
I've had numerous BNC cabled mis-labeled between H and V. Welcome to the club.