View Full Version : OC'ing a 6600 with stock heatsink ok?

03-23-05, 12:25 PM
I have an Asus N6600 256mb card that I can clock to 450 core and 550 mem.
Thing is although Asus was kind enough to stick on a heatsink and fan, its not exaclty anything special. Although the heatsink/fan included may be ok for 300mhz core will it handle the 450 ok? I added an extra case fan (Sunon 60cfm 80mm) for aditional cooling.

03-23-05, 02:46 PM
300mhz to 450mhz is a big jump. In simularity... GT's and Ultras of the 6800's generally have great fans and heatsinks and you can OC them from 350 to ~ 400 - 425mhz safely without any mods to the fan or heatsink, although many people still moddify them for better cooling. You could probably OC your card a little and watch them temps and make sure it does not get to hot. But I would do it im small steps otherwise you could jump to far and fry your card.