View Full Version : OMG, make the RAM stop!!

03-23-05, 03:22 PM
I am currently using Kingston Value RAM (taken off my old P4 MB). I want to upgrade my RAM to optimize my system. I have been looking at Kingston's website and Asus's website to try and determine what would be some really good RAM for my CPU/MB.

What is frustrating to me is the fact I have all these damn specs to figure out what will and won't work in my system. According to Asus's website only Kingston's Value RAM has been tested to work with my MB. Kingston's website has PC2700 to PC4300 RAM and then there is PC2-4300 and PC2-5400.

Am I doomed to waste money buying RAM hoping it works? What is the best performing RAM for my CPU/MB?

03-23-05, 04:42 PM
I suggest you go for some better stuff than Kingston ValueRAM for that beast of a system you have. What about OCZ Platinum Rev. 2 or Corsair XMS? I've never paid attention to RAM verified by my board manufacturer personally. If there are glaring problems they are usually reported rather quickly.

03-23-05, 04:44 PM
I'm running 1 Gig of Kingston HyperX Dual Channel PC3500 on my A8V rev 1 and I'm having no problems at all. Because you're not overclocking, PC3200 should do you fine. To be honest, I never even check the compatability list before getting mine. I'm not too much of an expert on RAM though, so I'll let someone else recommend different types that you can get.

03-23-05, 04:44 PM
I want better memory and that's what I'm trying to research. The KVR memory I'm using was something to get me by until I can figure out some good performing memory to use.

With all the options out there for the different memory options, I have no clue what would be good to get.