View Full Version : HTPC -- Which driver offers best performance?

03-25-05, 11:57 AM
First of all, here is my setup:

Display: Samsung HLP4663W
Size Of Image: 46"
Viewing Distance: 8ft
Connection Type: DVI-D
Video Card: BFG nVidia 6800NU AGP
CPU: AMD64 3200+ S754
Memory: 2x512 DDR400

OS: WinXP Professional
Driver Version: 71.84 WHQL
Output Resolution: 1280x720
Video Codec: nVidia NVDVD v3+
Video Renderer: ZoomPlayer 4.10b3 (VMR9 Windowless)
FFDshow Version: Andy's August Preview SSE2

FFDshow Filters Used (In Order):
1. Levels - Full Range; Input 0-254; Output 0-254
2. Resize - Multiply By 2; No AR Correction; Lanczos4, LS0.9; Interlaced UNCHECKED
3. Sharpen - asharp 2,3,0 HQ
4. YV12

With this setup, CPU usage is between 40 and 60% when watching DVDs and gives me amazing picture quality. Does anybody have a similar setup, and what drivers do you find to be the best as far as quality or CPU usage is concerned?