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03-25-05, 06:07 PM
Hi, i'm trying to find the best balance of AA/AF levels in my games. Ive realized that I don't totally know the answer to this question and I was wondering if someone could help.

Generally is there a performance difference between enabling AA/AF settings in the driver vs the application (game)?

For example: In World of Warcraft there is an Anisotropic Filtering slider that can be set.

Should I set the slider to the value I want in the app and set the driver to application preference, or should i set the driver to the value and leave the application alone?

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03-25-05, 08:30 PM
Use AA/AF app if theres AA/AF option in the game you would like to play & force them via the control panel if the game dosent have option for them in its own settings . thats what i would recommend .
the difference between app for force is minimal to none .
so far i only noticed 1 case where forcing AA got me better performance than in-game . the game is Painkiller : BooH in ATi drivers . but thats not common really .

03-25-05, 08:58 PM
For all ATI cards I've owned, it's always been better to force AA/AF via the control panel regardless of the game. On NVIDIA cards, it's better to force it in-game. I've never been sure why that is, but that's always the way it's worked out in my experience.

03-25-05, 10:20 PM

Thats exactly the answer I was looking for. Very helpful!


03-25-05, 10:40 PM
Create a profile for the game in question and specify the settings you want in there. There is a utility called nHancer that makes profiles much more straightforward.

Forcing things globally in the control panel is just old fashioned and nasty nowadays.

03-25-05, 11:23 PM
My experience is the same as saturnotaku's. Forcing is best for Ati, Application is best for Nvidia.

03-26-05, 12:22 AM
Here's three examples of AA in HL2....

No AA = pic (http://img72.exs.cx/img72/696/noaa3fq.jpg)
4AA, in-game = pic (http://img72.exs.cx/img72/5305/4aaingame2iu.jpg)
4AA, via Drivers = pic (http://img72.exs.cx/img72/4033/4aadrivers9zb.jpg)

as you can see, appling AA through the drivers doesn't work anywhere near as good as appling the AA in-game, there's not much diffference between 'no AA' and '4AA via Drivers'