View Full Version : 71.84 and WinME

03-26-05, 05:38 PM
Finally a driver that runs dxdiag...... :cool:

3Dmark01 now runs properly, I get around 11,000 on an FX5700.
3Dmark03 still fails with an out of memory error after a while just like the 66.94 version and seems to run rather slowly.
DirectX7 seems to be a problem, games run OK for 20 minutes then turn into a slideshow. Seems to have a speed problem generally, the 56.64 with a Ti4200 run faster with no problems. :(

Maybe they can get the driver to run 3Dmark03 properly and have DirectX7 based games work in the next release without breaking anything. :rolleyes:

BTW the Linux drivers look much better, running 61.17 with Doom 3 with no problems on Ubuntu. :D