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03-28-05, 02:34 AM
I can't seem to find the adjustment to the command rate for my Biostar Nfoce2 ultra M7ncd pro motherboard(even w/ some searching on different forums)
do all nforce 2's have the command rate at 2T/ cpc=on

03-28-05, 07:00 AM
the M7NCD Pro is a piece of ****. I used to have one and the memory controller was bunk. Apparently, most of them are like that...they say they can run DDR400 PC3200, but they can't.

Get a new board! You'll thank me later!

03-31-05, 12:17 AM

could you elaborate as to why the m7ncd pro you had didnt work well?

The reason is that I just bought Patriot pdp 3200 rated at cas2 3-2-5 and had errors running memtest86 on Test4 and 6 at around 464 mb area. Running on and off for 3 days straight since i bought the 2x512 Patriot PDP 3200. here's a link to the ram i just got.

I'm not sure if the errors are a result from the "bunk" memory controller or the RAM is bad.

any one elses thoughts on this.

Biostart m7ncd pro
xp 2500+ @ 10x200 (cpu's multiplier unlocked)
2x512 dual channel Patriot PDP @200mhz 2.6vdimm cas2 3-2-5 spd settings
wd 80 gig hd
nec 16x dual layer dvd-rw

03-31-05, 01:09 PM
Biostar is just a shoddy company. They claim the board can run DDR400 PC3200 RAM but it can't. I only got one set (out of 8 different brands/sizes) to run at the speed. Otherwise, Prime95, Memtest86 and Memtest86+ all failed with memory errors becuase the memory controller on the Biostar boards is crap.

03-31-05, 05:03 PM

Thanks for the input...got a few more questions tho

The 8 sets of memory that failed, did it work in another motherboard or was it also bad ram. I'm running memtest this time no overclock on the 2500+ 11x166 @ default voltage. The Patriot still at spd settings ddr400 dual channel @2.5vdimm.... so far it hasnt errored in 24 hours,

Whats your take on it. I'm trying to see if i need to retun the ram.

Btw planning on gettin a 939 amd64 in a few months so i have to live w/ the m7ncd pro for a few more weeks.