View Full Version : Saphire Radeon 9800pro 128 meg video card and etc

03-28-05, 11:34 PM
This is a Saphire radeon 9800pro 128 meg video card. It has an artic cooling vga silencer cooler since the original fan stopped working. The card looks abit different as it has a black pcb instead of the standard red. It runs at the normal Radeon 9800pro clock speeds. I had the card on ebay and was sold but the buyer won't pay. $115 shipped priority mail.

I also have a Sparkle 400 watt power supply thats a few years old that works great $25 shipped priority mail obo.

I also have 4 120mm coolermaster fans with 4 pin molex connectors. They are nearly silent and run at 1200rpm. Give me an offer.

I can send pics if needed. You can check my feedback on ebay under Chevyman03 and my Heatware under the same.

03-29-05, 10:27 AM
Trades are also considered. Im looking for and audigy2, or sata hd.

03-31-05, 10:20 AM

03-31-05, 01:23 PM
Interested in the card. Is it 256 bit?

04-01-05, 01:28 PM
yes it it 256 bit