View Full Version : ASUS 6600GT DVI Problem

03-29-05, 05:26 AM

I have an ASUS 6600GT card which works fine when connected to my Hitachi plasma via a VGA cable but when I try to connect via the DVI connection, it doesn't work.

It is as if the card is not sending any signal out of the DVI connector as the plasma is showing 'No Signal'. I have tried rebooting without the VGA connection but this doesn't work either.

I have played with the nView multi-display settings but the 2nd monitor is being picked up as the S-Video connection.

Is there any way to select the DVI as the output port rather than the VGA?

I have loaded the latest driver set (71.84) and have run out of ideas.

I have searched this forum (and others) and have seen similar problems but no-one has identified a solution.

Any suggestions?



05-15-05, 03:38 AM

Exactly same problem here, only I',m using GF6600, not the GT version.

I already managed to have the DVI working once by reinstalling the drivers,
but after I installed an SCSI card into my machine the DVI connection disappeared
again.. Weird.

And now the drivers reinstallation seems to have no effect.

Any help, any one?