View Full Version : 6800 Ultra 512 is $849.00 !!!!!!!

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03-30-05, 08:45 AM
I didn't think it would be that much. I kind of figured $599.99 based on the 256 version going for $450.00 now.


03-30-05, 08:59 AM
I'm surpised it wasn't more after some of those eBay auctions...yeesh.

03-30-05, 09:19 AM
wow I didnt think we needed 512mb THAT bad

03-30-05, 09:36 AM
I'm surpised it wasn't more after some of those eBay auctions...yeesh.

Remember...Sparkle is quoting retail prices. I bet they will be well over $1000.00 when they finally hit stores. I was kind of hoping that the cards would have at least been clocked a little higher than they are now too.

03-30-05, 10:03 AM
850? nigga PLZ!!!!!

03-30-05, 10:11 AM
Yeah, that price is totally absurd. Especially considering that the performance increase would be totally negligible.

03-30-05, 12:24 PM
Yeah, until we have more games with 512M textures, that's gonna be worth a bunch of ego points but no performance benefit.

03-30-05, 01:10 PM
i think the question we need to ask here is "how big do you want your e-penis?"

03-30-05, 01:26 PM
there is H**L i would pay 849.00 for that card. What are they smoking when they come with these prices?

03-30-05, 02:19 PM
I agree that price is to much for a video card even $500 is but Ill spend the money if I like it, but once it goes over too much sorry to say if they dont bring down the price they will not sell them as good as the 256.

03-30-05, 02:36 PM
its the memory that jacks the price up.. its expensive.

03-30-05, 02:44 PM
I can get 2 6800GT's for that kind of money :thumbdwn:

03-30-05, 02:52 PM
I'm sure whoever buys it, needs it the least. Just to look "1337."

03-30-05, 03:15 PM
Ouch .. & i wanted to get 2x 512MB Ultras :rolleyes:

03-30-05, 03:16 PM
what dumbass would pay that much for 512mb memory? LoL

03-30-05, 03:25 PM
I smell semen man, broken shorted 512mb 6800Ultra, ouch... those semens sure gets costy.

on a side note: I also smell a FX5200 512! ---> joke of the century vidcard for l33t crapass performance.

03-30-05, 04:56 PM
If the Core Clock Speed were 450MHz+ then a 512MB GDDR3 memory card would be worth paying $849 for MSRP. I payed $569 for the OEM EVGA Ultra with a 425MHz Clock and 256MB GDDR3 memory, But Sparkle is saying their 512MB Card is a 400MHz Core Clock, that doesn't look like much of a step in progress for that amount of Money. I know that GDDR3 Memory chips are expensive, but if they don't increase the Core Clock Rate to that of an EVGA Extreme Ultra AGP, which is 450MHZ, then it doesn't seem worth the time and effort to me. But thats just my Opinion. Hopefully EVGA will release a 512MB Ultra that is at least the same 425MHz Core clock as thier 256MB Ultra PCIe, or better. If they did, and it was a 450MHz Core Clock with 512MB GDDR3 Memory, it WOULD Command an $850 or better MSRP. Again, Just my Opinion. Go Easy and Keep It Cool. :angel: SaberSix1

03-30-05, 08:43 PM
well, here is zipzoomfly showing the BFG variety at $1000.
they don't stock as of yet for those curious.


03-30-05, 08:46 PM
I think it will be more proper to first see some benchies for the 512MB 6800U , then decide if its even worth to consider getting it .

03-30-05, 09:18 PM
ATI has some expensive cards too :)

03-30-05, 09:29 PM
yea, how much is the x850xt pe?? msrp 549 retail is like 799???

03-30-05, 09:30 PM
Since when does an extra 256megs of memory cost 350 bucks? :rolleyes:
Sparkle and any other company charging a premium like that should be shot :thumbdwn:

03-30-05, 10:21 PM
Nah, I got my X850XT PE for $620 two months ago.

But I wouldn't pay $850 for nothing new in technology; I wouldn't even pay that for a 450 core, being my Ultra already does 459. The card might benefit you in Doom3 at Ultra detail, but I bet it will still run slow.

Acid Rain
03-31-05, 02:59 AM
on a side note: I also smell a FX5200 512! ---> joke of the century vidcard for l33t crapass performance.Lol...yea, and it'll be marketed as a "Geforce 6800 MX"....lol...

The card might benefit you in Doom3 at Ultra detail, but I bet it will still run slow.All it's gonna do for Doom 3 is remove the brief pauses on Ultra Quality. That's it. It's likely that that's the only game that'll really benefit right now as well.

03-31-05, 10:40 AM
This is an initial HYPE in price. I am sure, once Other brands ship their cards, they wont b costing much abv the regular 68Ultra 256.

2ndly, ppl have bought the regular GT's for 500 bux, and Ultras for 650Bux once upon a time (wen it was launched). So yeh, quite a few ppl will b gettin the 849 bux card.

3rdly remember the x800LX for 400 bux instead of 299, now its available for 300bux.

Same wit x800xt-pe.

I think u got mi point :@