View Full Version : Help with 6800 ultra , Need evga Bios.

03-31-05, 09:19 PM
I'm having the "Freezing" problems on my Evga 6800 ultra.

I've tried all the usuals, turning off fast writes, 2d/3d clock speeds set the same, etc.

I just built this computer, new hard drive, a nice Antec 550w true power connected to it on the main line, but I can't fix this freezing problem.

The one thing I haven't did is update the bios, I need help though, if anyone here has the Bios file from evga could you send it to me or mirror it up for a bit so I can d/l it?

Evga requires you to register/enter in your serial # and I can't find it on the box, so that means it's on the video card itself I'd presume and my case is a bit of a headache to unplug/take down (Thermaltake xaser III v1000a, it's heavy).

So if someone could just get me the bios files so I can flash it and see if that works, it seems that'll be my only hope to get this freezing problem to stop.

04-01-05, 12:38 AM
You can check it here: www.mvktech.net for all kinds of GF BIOS.

04-01-05, 12:49 AM
thanks, I got the bios finally from evga, got my S/N and things finally.

The new bios helped the freezing , but it still persits.

Before the bios it was happening every few seconds, now it's happening every few mintues. It's still annoying as heck.