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04-01-05, 09:38 AM
After playing for a few hours, my screen seems to invert and flip or smething. The GUI goes almost all away, the only part i can see is my name from my icon. It is backwards and upside down on the bottom left of the screen. I have to hit /quit because I cant see the menu when I hit esc. When I reload the game it is fine again for a while. I did have some problems before where the video would go out on wow, but it showed different issues. Anybody else have this problem?

I might try FW off sometime again. I clocked my system back to default and was able to cut it on, so maybe this is the problem.

I changed my overclock again, I was able to run FW on with an overclock. Seems as though keeping the memory @ 400 might have something to do with it. Anywho, played for a while and didnt show me any issues.

So nobody else has had any graphical corruption after playing WoW for long periods?

04-02-05, 08:50 AM

04-02-05, 09:22 AM
I was getting a lot of tearing with my Radeon card so we swapped it to a 6600 GT and all the problems went away.

Do you have the latest drivers?

04-02-05, 11:22 AM
according to your sig you are overclocked i am assuming?

did you ever think that might be the problem, considering processors/cards and games are touchy to OCing?

04-02-05, 02:28 PM
Right now I'm Prime95 stable for quite a few hours. If anything the game client is unstable.