View Full Version : Ghosting Images in EQ2?!

04-02-05, 07:04 PM
here is a link to a screenshot of an EQ2 graphic problem:


here is my problem:

For what appears to be no appearent reason, (although, I did notice a small file and voice-over download this am) I am now having problems within EQ2 with graphics.

On THREE different AMD (1.6GHx/64~512MB ram, 1.2Ghz~768MB ram, 900MHz~512MB ram) systems, with two different GeForce FX (5500~256MB ram & 5200~128MB ram) video cards, both using two different versions of driver software (67.66 & 66.72), all of these variables noted, suggests there is NOT a problem with my systems, it is a problem with the EQ2 files downloaded today.

How can I make this statement? because <24 hours ago, EQ2 was working great, for an excess of 6 continuous hours.

as a side note, I downloaded into a seperate directory the Test Server files (really just copied whole EQ2 directory into /testserver/ and let patcher change what was needed)
and upon setting up a character on the Test Server, the intial zone Refuge Isle, loaded perfectly fine, not graphics artifacts or ghosts.

as an after though, I do not know if EQ2 has drastically different environments from Refuge Isle to the Real World.

any help/suggesting would be appreciated, though I highly doubt it is my systems, since all three were having the same problem.


04-02-05, 09:43 PM
Reinstall your drivers, also have EQ2 do a full file scan.

04-03-05, 10:30 AM
it seems the ghosting was caused by having manually set Anti-aliasing and/or antisotropic. haing the 67.66 as EQ2 site recommends and putting the anti- settings to application controlled has restored functionality. :)
thanks for the help.