View Full Version : Problem of Rivatuner 15.4

04-03-05, 12:47 PM
Dear All,

I have sucessfully modify my WinFast GF6600GT to FX 540 under Win2000 professional.
But, when I'm using Pro/E wildfire 2.0. The system used 50% of CPU usage in window idle process. Even I closed the program, the 50% of CPU usage is still running in window idle process

It make my computer speed very slow!
My computer config
Intel 3G
1 GB ram
120 GB HD
Winfast GF6600GT TDH PCX
I have checked the graphic chip core temp: Just 43 degree only!
What the problem? bug of rivatuner in 15.4 version?

04-03-05, 05:10 PM
I don't see how this could be a bug with RT - you say the problem arises when you're using Pro/E wildfire 2.0. Might I suggest that I might relate to that and the quadro drivers? If you really have an RT question, I recommend asking it at the Rivatuner forums over at guru3d.com.