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04-03-05, 04:27 PM
Hi guys,
I recently retired my ATi 9500 pro, and bought the BFG 6800 Ultra_OC. I mainly game in combat flight sims (Forgotten Battles/Pacific Fighters, LOMAC). I'm currently using the drivers which came with the card, having tried the 71.84 (?) beta driver That driver caused me a few problems, like flashing and screenblackout, and .exe corruptionin both FB, and LOMAC. when the sim started.
I'm looking for feedback from combat flight simmers who have this card, and fly sims which use opengl and d3d.
my system is:
Abit IS7-e mobo (using onboard sound card set to basic accel)
1gig Kingston HyperX pc 3500
P4 2.8c (HT)
WinXP + SP2
Seagate 80gig/8bm buffer
TIR-3Pro w/Vector Expansion
any helpful feedback will be much appreciated. I am new to NVidia cards and as a flight simmer, I am feeling my way along

04-04-05, 04:38 PM
Anybody here even game in combat flight sims?

04-04-05, 05:32 PM
I think people aren't replying is because this topic is BEAT to death here.

04-04-05, 06:44 PM
Anytime you switch from an ATI card to Nvidia, YOU MUST clean out ALL the old driver files. Using DriverCLeaner Pro. I am using the newer 76.41 drivers with excellant results. Also, be sure you check and install updated sound drivers if they are available.
Here are the steps I would take at this point.
1. Download and install DriveCleaner Pro and put an icon on the desktop.
2. Download the 76.41 Nvidia beta drivers and extract to file. (for example: C:\Nvidia7641) Once you've downloaded both files, unplug your modem or DSL to prevent windows from installing drivers off the net upon re-booting the computer.
3. Uninstall the current Nvidia drivers from the Control Panel Add/Remove
4. Reboot the computer into Safe Mode. Do not install the Nvidia drivers yet, simply cancel out of any attempt to install the driver.
5. From Safe Mode, Run DriveCleaner PRO cleaning of the Nvidia AND ATI files.
6. Once the cleaning of both are done, reboot to the desktop. The computer will recognize the new video card. At this time, you can point it to the file where you put the Nvidia 76.41 files. Simply browse, when it asks for the file, to C:\Nvidia7641 and install from the setup file within.
Hope this helps. Good Luck

04-04-05, 09:52 PM
thanks for the info, rc,
I'll try the 76.41 drivers, and your removal/install procedure.
newls1, is a topic ever too beaten up to help a new guy? I will search for my card and some of the sims I fly, Before I was just searchinh for hits on my card. Combat flight sims seem to have their own little crosses to bear insofar as using system resources: lots of AI activity, different flight model calculations for several planes at once, and wildly changing scenery. They are hogs, imho. I can't speak for other types life fps or rpg types as I am not familiar with them.
Flyby out :afro:

04-04-05, 11:11 PM
The last good driver for me was 61.77. Every driver after that causes texture corruption in D3D Games. It's old now but still runs everything without any problems.

04-05-05, 08:38 AM
thnks for the driver info, WimpMiester. much apprecaited
Flyby out :afro:

04-07-05, 12:36 PM
theres no real reason why you cant uninstall the nvidia drivers and run driver cleaner pro before you reboot, IMO booting into safe mode and all that jazz is unecessary

04-07-05, 06:56 PM
theres no real reason why you cant uninstall the nvidia drivers and run driver cleaner pro before you reboot, IMO booting into safe mode and all that jazz is unecessary
hey tpf,
In fact, I did not disconnect from the internet,as that seemed kind of tedious. I used add/remove to unistall the driver, then rebooted to safe mode and ran driver cleaner. That works, but I see it's just as easy to run regedit, and search for Nvidia. That seems to be all the driver cleaner does.
Slightly OT, I run Forgotten battles/Pacific Figters and I notice that when loading the sim, it gets to about 15% then the screen goes black for several seconds before the loading screen returns (about 30% loaded). I notice that only the 7xxx drivers black the screen out. When I use 6xxx series drivers this does not happen. Odd, eh? BTW the 76.41 drivers allow my card to run cooler temps, even with slight overclocking (coolbits),and gives me better fps than the 71.84 driver.
Flyby out