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04-03-05, 08:30 PM
hi :).

i got a 6800GT alabatron, on a A64/K8NE/ with a antec true 430.

this ****ing is not a real 430 anyway. my tagan 380 get 1 more amper on 5V and 12V way. but its not the topic.

so, i tried to OC my card and monitored it with rivatuner.
it seem that, my card , after 2 Sec in any 3D soft , come back to 350mhz/1000mhz.

And , i discovered that a low power3D mode exist , and its freqency are exactly these one : 350/1000.

so i presume my 6800GT came back to low power 3D mode .

isnt it ?

okay, so, other stuff.

my 3.3V way , is always at 3.18x Volt. not 3.3xV even 3.2xV
Does that can be the reason of coming back to low power mode ?

anyway, i got another power block tagan 380W ,but its broke .
after a house electrique short circuit .

and , i dont know if i can simply replace the fuse , or if other component could be broke :/
this tagan power block is under warranty , but if i send it to shop, i could wait 1 month for get it back .... so im thinking ...

thanks for advice all :)

04-03-05, 09:13 PM
Have you tried different drivers? I heard of this happening while opening menus in games or different things in the games triggering it. As everyone's system is different, I can't really say which version will work for you, but maybe try 67.66 and work your way up if that still doesn't work. It's worth a shot before sending parts into the shop and possibly getting the same results.

04-03-05, 09:46 PM
Have you checked your power supply specifications to be certain you have enough power for the card?


04-04-05, 02:24 AM
hmm, i dont know wich volt way is important for AGP card.
i presume it's 12V ?

if yes, so , my 12V way is ... 20A
my 5V is 38A
my 3.3V is ... 28A

lemme calcul so ..P=UI :D

12*20+5*38+3.3*28=504W pike so .

its antec true 430W. with these number, antec seem to be honest :D

In regard of my hardware, i can tell you , it cant eat 400W!

so , there is a pb ...