View Full Version : New build of DX 9.0c 2005 makes the water yellow?

04-04-05, 05:03 AM
I used forceware 71.84 and 76.41
The New build of DX 9.0c 2005 made the water yellow back in cs source ! :thumbdwn:

04-04-05, 06:40 AM
Thats not yellow water its just dirty water and its supposed to be like that.

04-04-05, 08:02 AM
I just working with the latest SDK of DX9.0c April 2005 and with 76.41, when i watched the evil water of HL2 i could noticed that it looks like real water and no one being it 'yellow' again...

04-04-05, 10:15 AM
awww man.. did someone pee in the pool? :cry: