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04-04-05, 05:29 PM
Yes I know, it's a really old game...

But why Nvidia doesn't support it???
I still have green snow, no water shaders, heat effects mess up the screen if Antialis is enabled.

with the latest drivers heat effect work, but green snow, etc etc...

You still play generals? what driver do you use?

04-04-05, 05:42 PM
Nvidia does support it, thats why its able to atleast run under the an Nvidia card. The issues you described are bugs in the drivers. While Nvidia does support the games, when theres a bug in thier drivers its usually there for acouple of releases... they have very poor driver support.

I haven't played Generals in a long time, think I still had a 9800pro when I played the game...

04-04-05, 06:04 PM
Before the 6800GT i had a 9800 pro too.... and it worked fawlessy...

04-04-05, 09:14 PM
I have no problems running Zero hour with FW 76.41, give it a try...

04-04-05, 10:12 PM
I have trouble with the 76.41's

EVERY single map that isnt from the original game now gets the green snow...every "unofficial" map I have downloaded has this snow :(

04-05-05, 12:45 AM
I play with a Geforce 3 Ti500, no wierd graphiks. Anyone wants to switch?? :D

04-05-05, 10:42 AM
Shamrock and after you back to the main menu after having the green snow all is green also there, and i guess you don't have water reflections


notice no shaders in water

and the correct image as it should be


NVIDIA :thumbdwn:

04-05-05, 09:38 PM
I have reflections turned off, because my machine isnt strong enough for everything on, it's only an athlon XP 2200+

BUT, I have a new bug with the 76.41's. After 10-15 minutes of playing, ZH, it will HARD LOCK my computer! I had to roll back to 67.66 just to play ZH now :(

04-06-05, 02:44 PM
Odd one, no problem with the 76.41s by XG here.
Saying that, will install Generals then let you know what I find 2moro, been busy working with Sony ....regarding their copy protection securom and its issues with the CPUID on Athlon processors, it screws up on the de-encryption stage, for some reason the Athlon IDs change every so many cycles, throwing off the securom 7. Prob doesn't seem to effect anything else though, Act of War is a defo Generals beater too!!

04-11-05, 03:37 AM
Anyone with a 6800 tested the latest beta? (76,44)
With the 6600 GT water reflections are there or not?