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04-06-05, 04:19 PM
This is a gameplay discussion about who ripped off what and if it is OK or not .

I was reading actiontrip review of DOom3 ,


and looks that the guy who reviewed ROE was a big HL2 fanboy who were pissed because ROE developers ripped the Hl2 gravity .And because of this they lowered thefinal score of the game. Even thought both weapons are not exactly the same.. you can do more things with the ROE "gravity gun" like catch misiles.. and even the reviewer admits that it was fun to use.

Will they complain if VAlve in a mission pack their gravity gun "catch misiles or fireballs too" and proof to make the game a lot better? just because IDSoftware did it first ?

all this games "ripped off" something of the earlier ones..

Quake -> UT
Tribes -> Giants ,UT2k4
RAinbowSix ->counterstrike
Medalof honor->battlefield? ,COD ,BIA
MetalgearSolid ->SplintelCell games..

You can help here with the list if you want.. because there should be thousands of examples of many other games outhere.

Halo was the first to use 4x4 vehicles with machinegun sucessfully in a fps game and most fps games with big outdoors today now use them .

quake Rocket launcher ->this was one of the most sucessfull and usefull weapons in fps games ,there are mods dedicated alone for it because you not only could fire rockers ,but use also use the weapon for "extremejumps".. and guest what? HAlflife1 came later and "ripped off" this ,with a weapon that while visually it looks diferent ,it also "by coincidence" cause in players *extremejumps* if you fire it at the floor. ;)

it could also be said Hl2 "ripped off" some gameplay ideas of COD ,becuase it allows squads to fight in your side againts the enemy.

QUake3 is the first 3d game that use -jumpads-. but they existed earlier in nitendo 2dgames. I see nothing wrong with games emulating the good things that exist in others. the gameplay style or even the weapons .All that matter . is that if it is FUN or NOt. I think is necessary to re-educate Gaming sites that review games.. because theres nothing wrong with emulating or improving the good things that exist in other games.. gameplay or weapons. because in the end , *ALL GAMES* emulate something of another. IF we go by the stupidity of some reviewers that is "wrong" to "ripoff" other games weapons or "gameplay" ideas.. if we go to the extremes to *patent gameplay* .. then NO other deathmatch games could exist beyond QUake games.. becuase they invented it.. No Capture the flag ,NO railgun ,NO SSHotgun ,NO Rocket launcher or rocket jump no tricky jumps or taunts , because IDsoftware did it first. silly isnt it? :)

As a matter of fact ->Counterstrike mod ,the responsible for the sucess and most of the sales of the Halflife franchise in online gameplay ,is a ripp off of rainbowsix games.. is the arcade version of Rainbowsix games.. Terrorist vs counterterrorist.. and rescue the hostages. RainbowSix games inpired a huge list of Mods and games that today we play. and it will continue.

THe zombies that atack humans is nothing new , Hl2 ,Doom3 and almost all games ripped ideas from Movies. From ALien ,from Predator ,from MAtrix. teamfortress,capture the flag,jailbreak mods happened first in Quake games.. and so on. You can hardly find a game outhere that have not "ripped off" something of another game ,or of a movie. Becuase the rule is that you cann't invent things from the nothing or from the air.any "new invention " in a game or even in technology existed previously somewhere else in a most basic way . Every new thing in some way is a "ripp off" of someone else work. SOmething that already someone else imagined it first .THats the way it works..

BTw.. here is nother review of D3:ROE


and it got there 9.3... :)
Is amazing how can 2 diferent sites see the *same game* in completely two opposite ways.

04-06-05, 04:37 PM
Well if you really want to say whos copying who then everyone is copying ID, how many games have used Id engines? Without Id these reviewers wouldnt even have a job

04-06-05, 11:19 PM
Jump pads in "first person shooters" existed before Quake 3.

Half-Life had them.

Any games before that? I can't recall now, probably had them in other games though.


04-07-05, 12:10 AM
all their users are hl2 fanboys.. just reading their comments make me puke on their moms..

04-07-05, 08:09 AM
Only on the internet can you see the worst examples of human stupidity and madness. IT IS EVERYWHERE MAKING ME MAD! :(

04-07-05, 08:17 AM
what a looser guy to review games.

04-07-05, 08:54 AM
Yeesh, that was a terrible review. He may as well have titled it: "RoE: It's not as good as Half-Life 2!" and skipped the whole "writing the article" part, because that's about all I got out of it. I had thought it was common knowledge by now that the gravity gun for RoE was being developed around the same time as the HL2 one. Hooray for ****ty reviewers.

I think the game deserves an "average" score for many reasons but the way he wrote it gave me the impression of a 10-year old screaming at me.

04-07-05, 08:54 AM
So Doom3 is predictable and HL2 is not? Is that what that clown is trying to convey?

HL2 -> Hmmm, I can't get any further, I wonder what I need to move or stack using the gravity gun in order to progress.

I got so sick and tired of it by the end of the physics tech demo that is HL2 that I had to go to GOD mode to make it fun again. Instead of pulling switches with the G-Gun, I just did some BASE jumping off towers and stuff. Heh.

One man's treasure, right?

04-07-05, 10:11 AM
Eh...you know the biggest thing that Doom 3 has over HL2? ID actually finished making the game before they sold it to you.

In HL2 you get a beta quality game engine thats buggy within one line of insanity, and it has the biggest cliffhanger of an ending there ever was in any video game to date. I would say give it about 4 years or so before HL2 is complete. It took them literally that long to fix the worst bugs in the first HL. It's taken them over 7 years to finish the story since the original and they still haven't done it.

04-07-05, 04:54 PM
Jump pads in "first person shooters" existed before Quake 3.

Half-Life had them.

Any games before that? I can't recall now, probably had them in other games though.


PErhaps is my memory.. but i dont remember any "jumppads" before quake3 used as an important part of the gameplay in a *multiplayer game.* I hope you are not thinking in haldlife single player space final levels.. where there is no gravity and BTW those were the most awfull levels in the entire game.

update.. found more games... who "ripped off" something of others

Rainbow6 -> SWat4

identical gameplay ,sameweapons ,lean left/right was "invented " by rainbow6 games ,albeit when it come to weapons rainbow6 have more and the team are special forces ,while swat is just a local specialized police.

04-07-05, 08:35 PM
No the jumpads are organic looking springpads. They existed on Earth. One example was in an area immediately before the room with the missiles where you had to navigate through the room avoiding the laser triggered tripmines.


04-08-05, 02:50 AM
I think Rise Of The Triads was the first game with jump pads. There were definitely jump pads in like the first level. I am not sure if there were any games before that which had it, but that was like one of the very first FPS's that was capable of true three dimensional player movement.

04-08-05, 07:33 AM
I disregard people who think half life 2 is better than doom III. Im sorry i Just can't halp it. Some people dont like Budweiser if you know what im sayin.

04-08-05, 07:49 AM
I think you cannot make people competent by telling them what they should like and what is worthy. Everybody has the right to claim HL2 superior and to believe in that. Some people even believe in god:) I've played HL2 once and uninstalled it from my pc because I've tryed to replay but I was totally uninterested. Not that I did not like it. It was fun but not a ground breaker by any means. I've seen HAVOC2 engine in Painkiller and Max Payne 2, I've seen better graphics in Farcry and the gameplay is similar to every other FPS game to date including Doom3. Its linear and mainly shooting bad guys. So I continue to think Doom3 is the best thing in the gaming that have happened till now and until UE3 comes around I don't think there will be more advanced graphics technology and that is in case Carmac gets occupyed in something else in the next year or two:)

04-08-05, 11:44 PM
Wow, that was an "interesting" interview... I think most anyone who didn't like Doom3 would probably have much higher opinions of D3:RoE. It is just an awesome game, no matter what game you give allegiance to.. I think the reviewer in his own way admitted it despite the constant gravity-gun ripoff sentiments.