View Full Version : Star-Force copy protection interfering with SLI

04-06-05, 04:20 PM
This was fairly interesting - I was experimenting with SLI and somehow managed to competely disable one of the video cards.

The interesting thing was, all I did was swap from analog back to DVI. Rebooting didn't do a thing, switching back to analog would occasionally bring back SLI, but upon switching back to DVI again it would promptly vanish.

Well to make a long story short, After some testing the culprit turns out to be the low level driver crap that Star-force installs. Uninstalling Star-force immediately caused the missing 6800gt to reappear after a reboot.

In my case it was the Star-force copy protection that came with Splinter Cell : Chaos Theory. Uninstalling Chaos Theory and running the star-force removal tool corrected things more or less.

[edit] Okay reading back from what I wrote it can be a little confusing.

SLI will work with Star-force games, but it appears to be fairly sensitive to driver changes and in some instances hardware changes.

04-06-05, 06:45 PM
akk this is bad news.. i was about to go buy Silent hunter III and word is it uses the same version of Starforce SCCT uses..

just wondering if you can confirm this by reinstalling the the SCCT starforce? (which should then promptly disable the SLI if it is the culprit)

04-06-05, 06:55 PM
Heh sorry,

SLI will work with Starforce protected games, it's just that when you swap out display drivers and such it may cause some havoc.

What happened to me was I was swapping out drivers testing out that DVI problem with SLI and at one point SLI managed to completely disable itself - only when I uninstalled starforce was I able to recover.

If you don't do much tweaking and such, star-force games shouldn't be a problem.

Before installing SC:Chaos Theory I was able to swap drivers back and forth without much of a problem, after installing it (and starforce) I began having problems during driver swaps.