View Full Version : V-Sync Off games!

04-08-05, 06:24 AM
Has anyone noticed that certain games run smooth and sweet without having v-sync with minimal ...barely noticeable tearing? ...for example Splinter Cell 3... or am I just seeing things lol

04-08-05, 06:33 AM
No, Vsync isn't always needed.

04-08-05, 06:37 AM
UT2004 is another one, have never used vsync and have never had tearing

04-08-05, 08:36 AM
i used vsync for a looong time, but once i ran into a game or two that didnt like vsync and my frames would be low.. i turned it off, and now i dont use it anymore

04-08-05, 08:54 AM
I just set it to application control, then I never have conflicts... If the game likes it, it will use it otherwise it wont...

04-08-05, 02:07 PM
I think this depends on your monitor more than anything else, for years I had a 19" Philips CRT monitor and I wondered what the heck people were talking about , complaining about tearing. I kept VSync off all the time, the only game I remember noticing any tearing in was MOHAA and only indoors.
Last year I bought a Sony LCD that I have hooked up DVI. Tearing now drives me nuts, and I have VSync forced on wherever I can, even if it costs me 30 fps.

04-08-05, 11:51 PM
I noticed in Quake based games like COD SOF.

04-09-05, 12:28 AM
Silent Hunter 3 is the first game I've enabled v-sync on in years. Tearing is just too annoying for some reason.