View Full Version : NVIDIA DVD Decoder - doesn't work

04-08-05, 12:39 PM
I've tried everything I could think of but I just can't get the new DVD Decoder to work. I've been using WinDVD 6 and I uninstalled it to see if it was getting in the way but didn't help. I've downloaded MS DVD Checker and it didn't do anything for me either. Most of the time Media Player will error out and the nstant player just says unknown error. I've uninstalled reinstalled several times and the best I could get was media player didn't error out and said it was playing the DVD Menu but has no picture and no sound. I really want to see this new PureView at work.

AMD XP 3200+
1GB RAM Dual Channel
6800GT w/76.44 driver
A7N8X v2 Deluxe with nforce 5.10 drivers
WinXP Pro SP2 fully updated

04-08-05, 12:55 PM
ok. before saturnwotsit or someone else barges in here and tells you to use the search thingy..make a big cup of coffee and have a read here


btw you'd have found that if you'd used the search thingy............

04-08-05, 02:22 PM
I did a forum seach before posting and read those long threads but nothing seemed to solve my problem. How does windows know what decodes are installed. Maybe I can edit the registry or rename some files to force NVIDIA's DVD Encoder to be the only one. There is a Ravisent and software Cinmaster codecs installed and I can't find any way to remove them.

04-08-05, 10:06 PM
Finally got it working, apparently the key supplied expired and thatís why it wouldn't work. Boy, it was so not worth the hassle too. My WinDVD6 has better quality video than the DVD decoder so I uninstalled it.