View Full Version : sound problem with 76.44 drivers

04-09-05, 06:59 PM
Ok when I use 71.84 with either the current or beta soundblaster Audigy 2 drivers everything is ok.

If I use the 76.44 drivers with either current or beta soundblaster Audigy 2 drivers I get "popping and snapping" in several games, including EQ2, WoW and SHIII.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks! :)

Jordan "AstroCat"

04-09-05, 07:34 PM
Do you have a via board by any chance?

04-09-05, 07:38 PM
Oooh dear, what's this about ...and where is it leading to, I do but haven't noticed any trouble yet..... but then again not pld games on these yet.

04-09-05, 09:15 PM
I get this on ANY 76.XX the 71.XX works great, but ALL of the 76.XX and 75.XX i get popping in almost every game I play, and I ahve nforce3 chipset and soundblaster audigy 2 ZS with latest drivers and I tried the BETA too, NO go...this is sad b/c the 76.XX is a bit faster than the 71.XX :*(

A solution would be great or XTREME G should have a fix for this :)

04-09-05, 09:46 PM
I have not been able to use EAX on my Audigy 2 sense anything after 61.77. :(

04-10-05, 12:25 AM
Do you have a via board by any chance?

Sure enough.... Asus A8V Deluxe.

04-10-05, 12:57 AM
I had the same problem with the 76.4x drivers, the 71.89s don't present the pop crackle lock problem and take care of the "temp bug".
I like 'em.

04-10-05, 08:54 AM
Try the 6.37 chipset drivers i used to get crackles and stuters with the regular 5.10 nvidias but the 6.37 fixed it rite up getting 70+ fps in riddick without any crackles. i have an audigy 2 zs with the beta update also.

04-10-05, 10:53 AM
He has a via board, not an nforce board, so he can't use the nforce drivers ;)

04-10-05, 10:56 AM
woops hah didnt even see that :\

04-10-05, 12:49 PM
This begs me to ask the question ... WTF have they been doing to these damn drivers to **** up the sound?!?!?!?!? I really miss using EAX!!! When I do... id BSOD with portcls.sys error everytime after 61.77. I just dont use EAX anymore because of this... otherwise id still be using drivers that are a year old :p :mad: