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04-09-05, 07:37 PM
Iím installing 71.84 drivers on a new PCI express system. The hard-drive is fresh out of the box with a clean install of only XP, service pack 2, and the nForce 6.53 driver package. So there are no previous driver conflicts. I have DL the drivers multiple times incase of a rare DL coruption. Yet they only install to the half way point, and my computer reboots. When the computer boots back up to the desktop I get the new hardware found balloon. It then recognizes my 6800 Ultra briefly before rebooting again. So now Iím stuck in this continuous reboot hell. I have to load up the desktop in safe mode to remove the partial 71.84 install. So now Iíve tried the 66.93, 61.77, a BFG 6800 OC Ultra, 2 BFG 6600Gt in SLI, an e-VGA 6800 Ultra, and 2 6800s from Leadtek in SLI mode. The vanilla 6800s in SLI allowed me to finsih the driver install but reboot the PC quickly after loading up Splinter Cell. After all these years of PC building Iíve finally been stumped.

64AMD 3400
DFI LANPARTY nF4 SLI-DR Bios flashed to 3/10/2005version
1Gig Mushkin PC3200LII V2
e-VGA 6800 ULtra
On Board Sound
500 watt PS

04-09-05, 09:52 PM
Hereís the deal.........
The 6800 GT PCI card running solo from PNY will run fine, so does the single 6800 from Leadtek. The drivers begin to install and at the halfway point of install the monitor shuts off and on quickly and then the install continues to finish. GREAT! But when I through in 2x6800 Ultras from e-VGA, 2x 6600gts from BFG, or a single Ultra the monitor goes blank halfway through the install at the same point but never finishes the install cuz the PC reboots. I didnít spend all this money to go from an identical system running an AGP Ultra to a SLI single Ultra system. I MUST GET THIS SLI TO WORK. Iíve been able to try all these different cards because FRYís electronic story has an awesome ďanything can be returnedĒ policy. The Tech guys at BFG are awesome yet couldnít come up with a solution. He said that itís at the point were the graphic card or cards become detected during the install that the monitor flickers. Which is normal, but the restart is beyond them. ??????? Does it sound like my PS canít support the Ultras or OCed BFG products?