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04-10-05, 09:54 PM
dunno if this is the correct place to post this . . . anyway, maybe someone here can help me.

I dun remember to have installed anything that could interfere with the speed of my dvd burner or anything related to it, but since a few days ago my dvd burner refuses to burn over 1.5x in my Win XP partition, and that takes hours (originally it is a LG 4x write speed dvd burner), usually I got one full dvd burned in around 15 minutes, but now . . . well, and that only in win xp cuz I reboot to my win 98 partition and use the exact same software to burn(Nero, same version same serial and everithing) and it burns all-rite, also I have a LG 48x CD burner and that works fine in both win xp and win 98 . . .

Is there any registry setting that I might change or maybe I messed up that could be caussing this? any guesses?

TIA :)