View Full Version : WTF? Opteron 866 (Dual core) benchies

04-13-05, 04:55 PM

Notably, http://www.hkepc.com/hwdb/dualcore-opteron-5.htm

Could this be for real?
This could get very interesting for us all, if it's legit.

04-13-05, 07:06 PM
Wow. That's impressive.

04-13-05, 07:44 PM

way ahead of you guys. :)

04-13-05, 07:52 PM

04-15-05, 07:48 PM
God, this hurts to do, because I LOVE AMD chips and use nothing else personally, but I have to call foul on those benchmarks. Too many of those SINGLE threaded benchmarks showed improvement on 2x 866's over 1x 866 to believe them. I've NEVER heard of or seen a SMP rig run a single threaded app faster then a single proc system. There just seems something fishy about 3Dmark03 (which shows some SMALL improvement on SMT systems, as in HT equiped P4's, but NEVER seen SMP rigs benefit) and Aquamark showing gains on a dually system over the same proc in a single system...

Am I alone in this experience with SMP systems? I know I've owned 2 systems that were SMP, altho both were Athlon MP systems, but the general rule of SMP overhead chomping on single threaded performance, while not uniform across multiple platorms, is still present in varying degrees no matter WHICH SMP platform you choose.