View Full Version : C&C 3: Tiberian Sun - Scrolling

04-14-05, 03:09 AM

some years ago I played Command & Conquer Red Alert and loved it. Last week I saw C&C Tiberian Sun (it's being sold really cheaply nowadays) and bought it.

The game runs fine, however, scrolling is slow and stumbles. It makes no big difference if I turn "smooth scrolling" on or not.

Since the game is written for Win95/98 I turned the Win98 compatibility mode in WinXP Home SP2 for TS on - now it starts up much faster than before (Doom3 or UT2004 were being launched faster) but scrolling is still the same :(

I guess it's due to the new hardware (see signature)...

Any hints?


04-14-05, 05:47 AM
they might have a patch......have you installed all the latest patches??

04-14-05, 08:42 AM
Yes, I have installed the latest patch, it's version 2.03 MMX ST-10.

Is it possible that my 6600GT is too new and the game too old?