View Full Version : Question About Power Supplies

04-14-05, 12:59 PM
A64 3000+ winchester OC 2.25Ghz
XFX 6800 ultra OC 440/1.3
Audigy PCI
2x80Gig Maxtor SATA/7200rpm
2x512mb PC 4200 Patriot ram
DVDRW Rom + DVD Rom + floppy
1 rheobus controlling 4 case fans and lots of led lights
Vantec Stealth520 watt psu

I want to get an Antec Neopower 480 watt psu because of its modular design.

My question is that the neopower is a dual rail psu and I was curious how that differs from the single rail psu of the past?

Is the dual rail a redundant design or does each rail only feed certain connectors? I hate the idea that in my ignorance I might overtax only one of the rails and blow the whole PSU.

Does anyone have some good reading on this? Or advice, suggestions, etc? Is there a definate advantage or disadvantage to moving over to dual rail?

04-14-05, 02:52 PM
wish i could tell you more about the dual rail system but i dont know much either.

as for overtaxing the rails, ive done it to my PSU (380W Antec, hehe) and all it did was refuse to turn on. i had too many devices connected to one rail.