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Acid Rain
04-14-05, 09:16 PM
Check this out. http://www.gamespy.com/articles/595/595975p2.html

You should read through the whole article. This game looks very promising to me. "Bacteria to Galactic God

What's unique about Spore is that unlike many other 'sandbox' titles, the game starts out very focused. Players begin the game very goal-oriented: they just need to survive the different phases of life, starting from the most simplistic form of all. Then, once they've gotten familiar with the editors and every stage of a life form's development, they're turned loose with a UFO and the ability to simply play with whole species, worlds, and solar systems. "

I'd never heard about it till yesterday, and now, I'm pretty stoked about it. I don't know if it'll be a Single/Multi-Player title, or Massively Multiplayer, but either way it's a neat concept.

04-14-05, 09:24 PM


Acid Rain
04-14-05, 10:44 PM
Crap! The search didn't pick it up. :mad: Anyway, this looks pretty sweet.