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04-15-05, 04:54 PM
Hey guys...

I've got a small series of questions I was trying to search on, but having trouble getting quality information due to the age of the hardware. I hope someone can provide some info...

This is my old system.
MSI KT3 Ultra2 - AMD Athlon 1700+ - Crucial PC2100

Due to the unability to keep myself from purchasing more hardware (just built my current system), I purchased a AMD Sempron 3000 after seeing one with a 40 or so rebate. I'm thinking of doing a healthy overclock on it, on air after I swap out the pc2100. The only problem I'm having is the lack of info that I'm getting on the MSI KT3 Ultra2. With the VIA chipset unable to lock the rates, I'm not sure how to do a "safe" overclock unless I unlock the CPU and play with the multiplier. I'm thinking pushing the FSB after a certain point will cause problem for AGP port and HD.

Well.. let me know what you guys think abou it.

-- jolt

04-15-05, 05:48 PM
This is a '333' and rated for a 266MHz FSB would suggest use of PC2700 ram. Of course, you could use PC3200 but would have no guarantee of achieving a 200MHz FSB.
Overclocking might achieve a 200FSB with either PC2700 or PC3200 but I would not count on it. Probably something just short of that oc setting. PCI and AGP should be OK at 266 (33 and 66MHz respectively) but as you increase clocks these naturally go up accordingly with no lock feature on this motherboard.
IIRC 38 to 42 is about top for the PCI with 68-71MHz for the AGP. Sometimes you can get a little more but generally such things as the modem, sound card, etc are the limiting factors on the PCI.
I have lost modems (dial-up) above 39MHz on the PCI. The AGP should not be increased much either. I have not lost a video card as instability generally entered in early anywhere above 66 to 70MHz. Again, this all from memory so be sure to try a little at a time and look for the warning signs to prevent going too far...easy to do! :D
Good luck!

04-15-05, 08:00 PM
Thanks for the input on this. Definatly helped quite a bit. I've started to read just some general oc guides to freshen up on the topic. I've forgotten quite a bit.

-- jolt

04-16-05, 07:50 AM

On my old Pentium 3 650Mhz system with the good ol'440BX chipset I have pushed limits quite high..

default FSB=100, OC'ed to=133 (making the CPU go 866Mhz)
PCI = 44Mhz
AGP = 88Mhz

this was on a geforce2 gts.. no single piece of hardware crapped out on me.. not even my modem and the system was ROCK solid (didn't even require a vcore boost) and ran in these settings for over a year..

and if you're wondering.. it still works.. clocked back to default and is my emule system.. it just sits there and downloads stuff :) (system is more than 5 years old)

What I am trying to say.. there is no certainty involved with OC'ing.. some CPU goes easly 400Mhz above their default speed while others crap out trying to get past 100Mhz OC.