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08-07-02, 08:30 AM
Go here for detailed descriptions and pictures:
Heatware is under "tekviper" (http://www.heatware.com/eval.php4?id=8935)

PC CD-ROM Games (all original discs NO COPIES)

Includes original CD and jewel case with manual inside. No box
Price: $11 shipped 2day priority

Flight Unlimited
Includes original box in mint condition, CD, and manual
Price: $11 shipped 2day priority

Midtown Madness 2
Includes original CD and jewel case with manual inside. No box
Price: $18 shipped 2day priority

Includes original CD and jewel case with manual inside. No box
Price: $12 shipped 2day priority

No One Lives Forever
Includes original box in mint condition, 2 original CD’s, and manual
Price: $23 shipped 2day priority

Sim City 2000
Includes original box in mint condition, manual, quick start guide, original CD and jewel case
CD Includes: SimCity2000, Urban Renewal Kit, Scenarios Volume 1: Great Disasters, Bonus Cities and Scenarios
Price: $15 shipped 2day priority

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2
Includes original CD and jewel case with manual inside. No box
Price: $12 shipped 2day priority

Toy Story 2 Action Game
Includes original box in good condition, CD, jewel case, and manual
Price: $12 shipped 2day priority

Triple Play ’97
Includes original CD and jewel case, manual, and pc reference booklet
Price: $12 shipped 2day priority

Buy them all for $100 shipped! Exlcudes UT since it has sold
All individual purchases are shipped 2day Priority mail
Complete package (9 games) shipped Fedex ground

Old Console Systems, Games, and Accessories

Regular Nintendo (NES) System PENDING
Includes: 2 controllers, Zapper Gun, power adapter, RF Converter, and manual. System works however you need to play around with the cartridges, sometimes it takes A few tries to get a game loaded but the system DOES work, I have played it a few hours Within the last 2 days without problems once the game loads. The cartridge problem exists On most if not all NES systems. If you buy a new 72pin internal game connector For the NES and install it the system will be like new. (not included)
Price: $20 shipped Fedex ground

NES Satellite Wireless Remote Control Module
Brand new in box, never used! Remote control unit for up to 4 controllers. Still in original Styrofoam and plastic bags. Box looks a little rough but the unit is MINT
Price: $18 shipped Fedex ground

The following are NES games. Each game has been recently tested and is in working condition except for Baseball Stars II and Super Mario Bros 3, I could not get them to load but you may be able to if you take some time and clean the contacts.

All games include plastic sleeve
All games listed below for $20 shipped fedex ground:

- Captain Skyhawk (includes manual)

- Sesame Street with Astro Grover (math game) and Ernie’s Magic Shapes (shape and color matching game)

- Baseball Stars II (includes manual and box in fair condition) (unable to load)

- Super Mario Bros. 3 (unable to load)

- Guardian Legend

- Tetris (includes manual)

- Ghost Busters II (includes manual)

- The Simpson’s: Bart Vs. The World (includes manual and box in good condition)

- Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt

*****All games above plus NES system and wireless remote control module bundle $50 shipped fedex ground*****

Sega Genesis
Includes one original game controller, power adapter, RF Unit, RCA video/audio out cable
Price: $30 shipped fedex ground

Sega Genesis 32x Addon
Includes jumper cable, power adapter, metal brackets
Price: $20 shipped fedex ground

Sentai F-16 Cordless Joypads for Sega Genesis
Includes infrared sending unit and 2 wireless controllers with turbo options.
Requires 4 AAA batteries for each controller (not included)
Price: $20 shipped 2day priority

“High Frequency” Sega Genesis controller
3rd party controller, many turbo settings for each button and 3 extra buttons
Price: $6 shipped 2day priority

Wiz ‘N’ Liz Genesis Game
Includes game case
Price: $7 shipped 2day priority

Genesis Gaming System Bundle
All the above Genesis gear (Sega Genesis, 32x addon, wireless controls, high frequency controller, wiz and liz game)
Price: $73 shipped fedex ground (save 10 dollars)

Computer Componets (cpus, heatsinks, bios savior)

Intel Celeron II 566MHz Flip Chip Socket 370 CPU
Bare CPU. Voltage bump pin mod has been applied but is easily removed if requested. Overclocks to at least 953MHz SOLID (112mhz FSB)
566/128/66/1.5V Malay
L014A513-0057 SL46T
Price: $40 shipped 2day priority

Intel CeleronA CPU 300MHz PPGA
Bare CPU. Does at least 504MHz
Price: $15 shipped 2day priority

Thermal Take Golden Orb Heatsink
Includes original box, socket370
Price: $9 shipped 2day priority

GlobalWin Heatsink (MODIFIED)
Bare heatsink with fan. Modified to fit on a flip chip processor without hitting CPU lever, socket370
Price: $8 shipped 2day priority

Includes original box with manual and BIOS extraction tool. Also comes with a 2 position switch to select BIOS and mounting
Bracket for switch. For 32pin 2MBit BIOS chips only. Has saved me more then once!
Price: $18 shipped 2day priority

If you are interested in bundle with the above items I will knock down the price depending on which items you want bundled. All prices include stated shipping methods. If you request a different shipping method then stated, price will be adjusted to account for added shipping costs (usually around 6 dollars more for 2 day fedex express)

Don't forget to go here!
I took a lot of time setting that page up and getting all the pictures, I hope it makes this big list easier to read.

You can email me at tekviper@optonline DOT net or contact me on AIM, screen name is TekViper. Please don't hesitate to ask questions about anything.

08-07-02, 12:54 PM
How funny that I run across this the day after I purchase both a Genesis and a original 8-bit NES on eBay... lol!

You can try to bundle the consoles and games together and sell them each on eBay. If you have a full system and a package of games, they seem to be bought up rather quickly. I lost bids on 3 different items before I finally just went ahead and looked for one I could buy for a set price, rather than bidding. Check out what people are selling them for. I've never sold anything on eBay, but it might be worth your time to find out? :) Good luck!

08-07-02, 12:56 PM
wow i cant bieleve that. yeah i think most of this stuff is gonna be going up on ebay in a few days if no one takes it. i already have posts with the stuff on anandtech and hardforums.

08-07-02, 01:27 PM
Check this out for a list of NES packages people are selling, for an idea, in case nobody on the forums wants it. :)

08-07-02, 06:13 PM

man these forums are dead huh? hope someone still checks in here every once and a while, i think i got some good deals posted :D

08-07-02, 10:48 PM
eh, ppl don't come here for the for sale/trade forums...
Plus, we still don't have all our members back from the hack...