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04-17-05, 04:18 AM
Hey all, this is my very first post and I'm seeking your help in my weird problem.
I have 2 HDD's, the primary one is Seagate and the secondary is a western digital WD1600BB, and they were named after each other (C,D for the seagate. E,F for the western Digital). few days ago I decided to remove winXP from the seagate hdd and to install it on the western digital and thats when the problem happened. Jumper settings are set correctly and when i installed on the western digital I found that some folders (picked randomly) on a partition of the western digital hdd were destroyed, literally when I open any folder of them I find like 100+ folders inside written in weird fonts, and the properties of the original folder says its "450GB" (the HDD is 160GB !). after a day or 2 the "450GB" folder turns into a 32KB file ! I tried to reattach the hdd's in the sequence i used before hoping i can get back my data but it didnt work, so anybody have any idea what was that?
thanks a lot

04-17-05, 06:52 AM
welcome to the board! ...well it sounds like the master boot record is corrupt. did you try to format the drives? you know boot down to dos and run the commands fdisk and format ?

04-17-05, 09:08 AM
well i'm afraid this wouldn't help because the problem is not consistent, it just happens randomly when i install the OS on the 160GB, i think it had something to do with the drive letters coz when i installed windows on the 160 hdd it named C the first partition on the 160, D the first partition on the other hdd, E the 2nd partition on the 160, F the 2nd partition on the 2nd hdd. I even tried renaming the letters but it didnt work