View Full Version : WANTED: Audigy 2 ZS Audio HQ and surround Mixer

04-18-05, 03:06 PM
I bought an audigy 2zs online and it didn't come with original drivers/software disc. I can't download the software for this card, I can only update software from original disc... WTF!!?

So, does anyone know if creative will mail an original software disc, or if I can buy one from somewhere? All I want is Audio HQ and the surround mixer for audigy 2 zs...

Can anyone on this forum locate this software for me? PM me PLEASE.

04-18-05, 04:11 PM
Its on their site. I saw it there about a week ago.

04-18-05, 04:39 PM
yea i got the CD, forgot it when i went back to school, then downloaded it all off of the website. takes a second to navigate/find the files. you can choose what you want to install. ie drivers, audioHQ, mixer, etc.

04-18-05, 05:03 PM
The drivers download fine, but the software like mixer etc. are only updates. If you try to download and install them you will get a message saying no original software located and it will abort the install.

If creative offers the full download of this cd, please provide a link to that page.