View Full Version : Got to try out the F.E.A.R. beta

04-18-05, 10:15 PM
Well.... I don't know where to start with this one. Okie, obviously it's not the easiest game to run. I could pull off 800x600 with maximum graphic settings (No AA or AF) and still get little slow downs in firefights. This game is ridiculous on how demanding it is. Some people say it's only at it's current beta stage, but really how much less demanding can it get once it reaches final?

So, you would think a demanding game like that would look good. I dunno, I must say HL2 looks tons better and all those ultra non realistic effects they did during firefights are just not doing it for me. A lot of people have been liking the beta but I noticed most who don't just don't play it and don't even say they don't like it so all I heard is good things about it and then I got very dissapointed. Then again, Sierra? what are the chances they will put out anything good...

Hopefully I'm wrong when the final version comes out as long as the requirements get a bit lower. Or maybe this will pull a FarCry as I used to beta test multiplayer for FarCry and it was so bad and still is that I didn't even give single player a shot once it came out. Turned out it had one of the best single players ever while MP still sucked.

04-18-05, 10:20 PM
Yeah, I've been a beta tester for a while. I think the game definitely has potential but does kinda seem to get boring rather fast. The performance could definitely be better, i run it at 1680x1050 with all details max except for shadows. It's usually silky smooth but every once in a while it chugs for a second. IMO the graphics are pretty good but not on par with how demanding it is.

04-19-05, 03:52 AM
My impressions are mixed, I found it fun mostly, the kicks and the weapons are quite nice. The graphics are very nice imho, from the slow mo effects to the shadows and particles. However after witnessing beta test 2 and beta test 1 I am not impressed with the direction. In fact they made the new beta buggier and really didn't change all that much, from what I expected.

So at this stage, I expect that SP is where the game is at and where it's focused which I don't mind really. I mean I didn't really enjoy Far Cry mp, but loved sp so perhaps FEAR will be similar. If the graphics and scary single player theme combine then I think it could work out without worrying so much about mp.

04-19-05, 10:17 AM
I have the BETA on my system, I just never play because no one else does either. It seems like everyone just quit playing all at once. The game looked awesome, it just needed a few little add-on things plus bug fixed here and there. Honestly, I rather play BattleField 2.

04-19-05, 10:36 AM
I hope the final release runs better. It could happen, I remember the original farcry demo ran like a dog compared to the official released game. Wasn't lucky enough to try the beta, but the common theme seems to be rough performance and boring gameplay after so long. =/

04-24-05, 11:50 AM
Where can I find this beta verison?

04-24-05, 12:17 PM
No where now, Fileplanet has an exclusive limited supply and once they ran out it was done. Whatever is out there is it... gotta wait for them to release another stage or a demo now...

04-24-05, 01:00 PM
The game was alot of fun, but super buggy and ran terrible (also did not support SLI)

04-24-05, 03:05 PM
Ok thanks. It's just that I can't wait to get my hands on the game ;)

04-25-05, 01:03 AM
I think the graphics are better than HL2 as for particles, shadows, characters (not faces). HL2 is much better for background textures like the walls and physical objects and such. The engine to me is kind of a like the riddick engine, but with slightly lower res character models. I think the game will be awesome if they are able to tweak the engine to give a smoother feel. This game does have hands down the best particle effects I have ever seen though and the weapons felt really powerful and enemy went down quickly and the slomo effect is very cool as well as the jumpkicking.