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04-19-05, 08:24 AM
uhhhh i just got this package in the mail for my dsl wich i finally got after 3 million years and its a ****ty chicken Westell Versalink integrated dsl modem router crap. And i have 2 pcs i need to hook up. what the hell do i need?

802.11g wireless- whats that all about? is that the kind of card i need?

Im looking at newegg for wireless cards they have 54 mbps and 108 which should i get?

Can I use any brand card with this embarrasing modem/router?

Does anyone have DSL?

Can I hook 1 pc directly in to the router/modem and have 1 on wireless?

How do i make sure the little bastards next store arent stealing my bandwith for their futa porn downloads?


04-19-05, 03:42 PM
ROFL bro. Well let's see if I can try to help you here.

First, 802.11g is the current wireless standard for 54mbps.

Second, the 108 mbps is only with proprietary hardware.

Third, yes you can use any brand 802.11g wireless card with your router (You may be able to use 802.11b if your router supports the older 11mbps standard)

Fourth, You can hook up wired and wireless to the router if it supports both. If you have ethernet ports on the router then you can use wired/wireless or any combination of both USUALLY. You will have to read the documentation to see if it will do both but MOST do.

I would use WEP AND MAC address identification if it supports it. WEP is your wireless encryption standard and MAC address identification means you can specify only certain MAC address have access. You're router has to support these options in order to use them, read the manua :D

Hope that helped some.

04-19-05, 04:04 PM
awesome thanks very much man