View Full Version : Secondary display, black screen..

04-19-05, 03:27 PM
New problem here..
I hooked my secondary display up again after a friend used it while he was here on LAN..
problem is it only displays a black screen, in both clone or dual view modes..
the LED is green and the OSD info shows the right resolution and refreshrate its set to use, so its getting a signal and all that..
Using the same DVI - VGA adapter as before, tried reinstalling drivers and whatnot..
It worked before I unhooked it, it worked in single display on my friends computer, and it sortof works now, it just doesnt display anything..

Using the DVI output on my 6800GT, its a Nokia 920c 19" CRT monitor.
Primary is on the VGA output, 21" CRT..

swapped the screens, running the 21" screen on the DVI, and it isnt detected..
Now Forceware only lists the 19" screen on VGA, and TV (which isnt connected, and force TV isnt checked)..

04-20-05, 06:25 PM
Since there hasnt been any replies I guess its not a comon problem..
I spose it might be related to the non functioning TV-out, and thus hinting to my card being somehow damaged..
Which sort of sucks since the warranty is vioded by replacing the cooler (which sucked in the first place)..
And I dont really have the cash to replace it with another 6800GT..