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04-20-05, 08:44 PM
Hello, I have built my computer in December and I have extreme problems with my video card, the geforce 6800 GT. I have researched for 4 months and still have not found a solution. It happens in most games, mainly Call of Duty and in others such as Counter Strike Source. In Call of Duty, I'll get random graphical lines flying across my screen and when this happens, my game completely locks up and freezes causing me to restart the computer. In counter strike, the floors with turn green and everything else will become invisible, causing me to restart again. I have tried every solution I have found, such as disabling fast writes but that has no solution at all, and I have tried finding it in BIOS but it's not in there. I have tried re-installing drivers, didn't work. I have tried re-installing my directx and opengl, didn't work. I re-formatted and still happens. I also only get 60 FPS in every game. Now that is normal but with a 6800GT, I should get atleast 150FPS and up, not just staying at 60 the whole entire time. I would only like a solution for this and I have read about changing the 2d to 3d but I can't find where to change those. I would really appreciate the help from anybody, as I would really like to play my games without having to restart everytime. Thank you.

-AMD Athlon 64 3500
-BFG GeForce 6800 GT
-80GB Maxtor Hard Drive
-SoundBlaster Audigy ZS
-1GB of RAM PC-3200 ( 4 256 sticks total)
-nForce 3 Ultra Motherboard
-Dual Bios version

Thanks again and I would really appreciate for some help.

04-20-05, 09:07 PM
since you have a BFG card, i believe they come with lifetime warranty's. maybe its time to RMA

04-20-05, 09:19 PM
I would have to assume that you're not currently overclocking your card.
You can change the 2D & 3D clock frequencies (overclock) only with either Riva Tuner or Coolbits. The XG drivers have Coolbits built into the driver, where you can change the clock frequencies right in the display control panel. Here, you can try setting 2D & 3D to the same frequencies.

Are you overclocking your CPU?
Is your PSU supplying ample power to your card, on a dedicated +12 volt rail?
I believe GT's require a minimum of 18 volts on the +12 volt rail.
What you're describing could very well be PSU related!
Check the AGP and PSU connections, make sure they are all secure.

Good luck.........

04-21-05, 03:42 PM
Ok I checked out RivaTuner, installed and ran the program. I de-clocked my card to 300 MHz and I'm finally popping about 300 FPS in Call of Duty. I really haven't tested any freezing, but if I do I'll just post here if you guys have any good settings for Riva. Thanks for mentioning that program!