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04-22-05, 11:36 AM
Well, I've finally come around 1,000 posts YAY! Since I have never really done a whole ton of overclocking in my life time, I figured that I would make a small project on overclocking my PC this weekend to get a little more out of my system. My specs are in my sig but I'll type em out anyways:

AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 939 Skt .90nm
ASUS A8V Deluxe Mobo
BFG 6800GT Video Card

So I would like to push my hardware just a little bit enough to get more out of it. It just seems to me that with my hardware, it can do a little better than it does. So any suggestions with things like multiplier settings, voltage settings, etc would be greatly appreciated.

Also, what is a good program to OC your video card? I've always used CoolBits but didn't know if anything else was better. Later.

04-22-05, 11:59 AM
coolbits all the way :)

04-22-05, 12:20 PM
So, no advice on my CPU?

04-22-05, 12:45 PM
Leave the multiplyer and voltage at stock for now, you can increase the voltage by a few notches if you want to get a better OC. try a 230mhz FSB set your DDR400 ratio to a 5:4 ratio, That will give you 368mhz memory, you can try a 1:1 ratio if you like also, but that means your memory will be running 460mhz, don't know if its possible. Some Corsair overclocks better than others, Also make sure your AGP/PCI bus is set to locked.

This will attempt to run your chip at 2.3ghz.

04-22-05, 01:08 PM
six-storm, is your corsair value ram? if so, i'm almost positive you wont get your ram to run at 230(x2)mhz with a 1:1 divider.
About your PCI/AGP lock, on my mobo you have to set AGP freq. to 67mhz in order to enable the lock.

04-22-05, 09:31 PM
I have my cpu set up like this:

FSB- 240
Memory Limiter (ratio on this mobo)- 166
Voltage- 1.45

With that setup I can hit 2.4 no sweat. I want to go to 2.5, but I'm waiting for better cooling since I'm still on stock cooling.

04-23-05, 10:41 AM
It might be a good time to write a sticky guide for overclocking with AMD 64s on current motherboards on the market. We've got a wide variety of setups in the forum, I'm sure we could put together a decent guides for people who are starting to overclock their A64 systems. I know there are quite a few guides on other forums, but most don't go farther than, do this and do that and your done. Doesn't explain much.

-- jolt