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04-22-05, 01:59 PM
We have been playing the demo for this like crazy at work. Even our manager who doesn't play games, is hooked. It's great fun and you can build your own tracks (even though the editor isn't that intuitive...just ask Jakup :D ) I highly recomend this demo to anyone that likes exciting, arcade type racers...Of course if your a physics fiend or need damage modeling, this may not be the game for you...

04-22-05, 03:47 PM
I agree completely. I downloaded the demo some time ago and I'm hooked. It's just so...fun. I think there are a couple of other threads on this topic too...

04-22-05, 04:54 PM
Before I've reached this game I've never thought that a racing game could be so much... PHUN. Thankyou SlamDunk. Only downside is that the LAN multiplayer isn't working for me.

04-22-05, 05:01 PM
The full game is so much more than the demo ;)

Here's four movies I've done so far:

TMSunrise-Wallrider-XviD.avi (19.2MB)

Track: http://sunrise.tm-exchange.com/get.aspx?action=trackgbx&id=47987

TMSunrise-FearOfTheDark-XviD.avi (26.2MB)

Track: http://sunrise.tm-exchange.com/get.aspx?action=trackgbx&id=43687

TMSunrise-Spady-XviD.avi (30.1MB)

Track: http://sunrise.tm-exchange.com/get.aspx?action=trackgbx&id=52750

TMSunrise-Supaerials-XviD.avi (41.1MB)

Track: http://sunrise.tm-exchange.com/get.aspx?action=trackgbx&id=50318

XviD codec: http://www.koepi.org/XviD-1.1.0-Beta2-04042005.exe

I simply ♥ all those tracks. Crazy, fast and fun rollercoasters :D :eek:

There's some serious track building talents out there. Respect to them :nana:

04-22-05, 05:18 PM
This is a great game, simple, fun and good looking. I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive.

04-22-05, 11:04 PM
Yup, I don't think it comes out until 5/2 here in the states. I built a track here at home... gonna take it to work tommorrow its great fun :)

04-22-05, 11:14 PM
HAHA...Jakup...Chaotic built a kick ass track...I can almost guarantee you can't own my time :P

04-23-05, 12:06 AM
Here are some screenies of the track I built :)

04-23-05, 12:08 AM
Oh and here it is if you have the demo and wanna check it out :) I spent like 2 hours on this last night..lol

Download this to unlock infinte coppers :)


and my track is attached here:

04-23-05, 12:10 AM
Looks Cool Jakup..chaotics is hard as hell...and some how I had an amazing run today...I/noone else has been able to touch it...

04-23-05, 07:13 AM
wow i want this game. ive been playing the demo over and over again.

04-23-05, 08:18 AM
Here are some screenies of the track I built :)

Are you using AF with 'Application controlled' ON or OFF? I've found out that if you put AF8x from control panel and then AF8x from the game you get much better quality AF.

04-23-05, 08:35 AM
What kind og game is this technically? Tack Building crashing? I never tried either of the titles before...

04-23-05, 09:15 AM
Both TM games (TrackMania & TrackMania Sunrise) are arcade racing games with track editor, great singleplayer gamemodes, puzzle mode, multiplayer and, of course, killer gameplay. So much longlasting fun to be had from one game :p

Here's the demo download link: http://www.trackmaniagame.com/index2.php?txtStyle=tmsr&txtShow=page&ref=tmsr_downloads

04-23-05, 10:28 AM
Yea I was using Application control in the control panel... I guess I will switch it.

04-23-05, 02:57 PM
Hey SlamDunk, does the full game have force feedback effects? Thats the only thing that seems to be missing from the demo

04-23-05, 03:03 PM
I don't know because I have always played TM games with a keyboard. But the original TM did not have FF and I think I've read that TMS also does not have FF.

04-24-05, 05:36 PM
heh, some how i won a trackmania contest... i have the actual full version game (i'm in the states).. i've had the game for a week now. i didn't play it yet ;)


04-24-05, 05:57 PM
I've been playing this demo a lot also - can't be bothered downloading additional coppers hacks though - makes it more challenging when you have to work within constraints. My most recent track is attached below - I'll be putting it on the Trackmania Exchange (FAR AND AWAY the best tracks site) in the next 24 hours.

But yeah... AWESOME demo. Can't wait for the full game to finally get to New Zealand.

04-24-05, 06:10 PM
Just a wee question: What's the best time anyone's got on JaK's track? I just clocked up 1.23.97. I didn't record a replay, but if anyone's particularly concerned, I'm certain I can do it again. Where can one get this 'Chaotic' track?

04-24-05, 06:31 PM
What did you think of my track? I uploaded a new version yesterday (same page) I think the best I got was like 1:22 :)

If you have a video I would like to see..hehe I wanna put mine on trackmania exchange, what is the site?

04-24-05, 06:38 PM

Yeah, it's a neat track. The only thing that really bothered me about it was the signs in the sky. Cool though they are as you go past them, it's quite easy to accidentally hit them. Aside from that, I'm kind of used to the conventional uses of the signs, but that's not a flaw in the track - more just something that you kind of get used to after playing quite a few sign heavy tracks (Yellow diamond tends to mean "Slow down, nasty corner", or something like that, and Red Cross would usually indicate "Don't go this way!") But yeah, as I say, that's more just the uses of signs that I'm used to rather than an actual complaint. Aside from that, it's a nice track!

Hrm... making a video. I could use FRAPS I suppose - unfortunately one can't play back replays in the demo (though you can replace your own ghost of a track with that of someone else, and you can see what they do that way, apparently). Although, I'd have to store the vid somewhere, which would be a bit of a pain. Also, I have a feeling that my inadequate rig would have issues with playing the game while recording. When I next do some Track-mania-ing (I'm working at the mo), I'll save the replay and upload that to this thread, even though that's not really a very good solution.

04-25-05, 01:59 AM
'Aight Jak - just finished playin' yer track a little. That middle bit with the three-jump pieces is a pain, but in any case, I got a time of around 1.20.5. Attached is the replay. If you want to see what I did, just save your ghost file (in Tracks->Replays->Autosaves, I think), and re-name this replay to the appropriate file name!

04-25-05, 04:46 AM
All you have to do is put the Replay.gbx file to "\TmSunrise\GameData\Tracks\Replays\Downloaded\" folder. You can also do that when the game is running and just press Refresh to see it.

You can create new folders there if you want too.

04-25-05, 06:33 AM
AFAIK you can't play them back in the demo - that's the problem. You can put 'em there, but you can't do anything with 'em. As I say, I don't really know, but that's what a discussion on the forums over at the TM-exchange yielded. Again, this is only as far as I know, but it seems that the only way to actually watch a downloaded replay if you don't have the full game yet, is to replace your ghost.