View Full Version : Does anyone know if the IC7-G supports (4) 1gb modules?

04-23-05, 01:13 PM
I wanna get a couple of sets of that Patriot LL stuff, but not if I can't fun all 4gb's. Anyone have any clue? I tried contacting Abit, but of course, I was on hold forever, and even left a voicemail, but never got a call back :(

04-23-05, 01:15 PM
The maximum DDR memory i875/i865 chipset boards support is 3.64G rather than 4GB. This limitation is caused by PC architecture and the missing 0.36G memory address is reserved for PCI I/O space, AGP aperture mapping space and other onboard device I/O space. Thus, i875/i865 datasheet claims that the memory support is up to 4GB, but actually the system only uses up to 3.64GB with four 1G DDR memories installed. In other words, BIOS and the operation system will report to 3.64GB only.

There you go :condom:

04-23-05, 01:24 PM
There you go :condom:

I hateyou

04-23-05, 04:47 PM
Dont do it anyways.....

1. 1gb modules are high latency, even if you dont OC.. lower latency is always better

2. Ull never use that much RAM...even within the next few years..... so just wait till the cost goes down and buy it then

3. 4 Sticks of ram actually turns of PAT so ram performance is further hindered...

Stick with 2gb max (2x1gb sticks) :)