View Full Version : video corruption with scaling

04-24-05, 09:18 AM
odd problem here! when playing video (avi, mpeg, wmv, whatever) i tend to get moving pixels or little streaking lines most notably around edges, text, lines in the video. very noticable when you set it on pause. but this ONLY happens when i enable fixed aspect ration in the driver settings to play games on 1024*960 for example to counter a wrong aspect ratio. when i put it back on monitor scaling the problem is gone!
any workaround on this or any other people having the same issue?
happens on 67.03 67.66 and 76.44!

04-24-05, 01:36 PM
on some videos it is worse than on others, sometimes it garbles all of the image making it unrecognisable!
sometimes it starts of good but then suddenly corrupts and stays that way until set back to monitor scaling.

any ideas?? :confused: