View Full Version : Gigabyte 6800 - artifacts, crashing, lockups

04-24-05, 01:06 PM
I've just bought a gigabyte 6800 (regular), and it is having a LOT of problems.

Firstly, artifacts appear at boot - the windows logo is borked with pixels all over the place (same with the motherboard logo at the start of POST!).

When in windows, my mouse cursor is slightly corrupted (the problem disappears when i slide the 'hardware acceleration' slider in the windows display troubleshooter).

As for applications, every 3D app i try crashes. Usually the application will go to 99% cpu usage for a while, then just crash. I've had a variety of BSODs, including "driver has gone into infinite loop", and sometimes the machine will recover but graphics go monochrome and glitched. (I'll try and get a screenshot of this soon..). I managed to get CS:Source running for a while but the graphics were totally corrupted (player model went all spikey - again ill try and get a screenshot if i get it working again).

Even playing videos just puts that process to 99% and locks up totally.

I have tried several different drivers, switching to 4x AGP, disabling fast write, all AGP aperture options, and have run out of ideas. If even the windows and mobo logos are corrupting, does this mean h/w fault or what?

argh, help! :confused:

my system:

gigabyte geforce 6800 128MB, bios F4, forceware 71.89
asus a7n8x deluxe, bios 1007, forceware 5.10
tagan 480w
athlon 3000+
2x 512MB kingmax pc3200
windows xp pro, sp1

04-24-05, 03:32 PM
oh, and my system temps:

video: 64c
cpu: 46c
mb: 38c

and video voltages:

vcore: 1.24v
vdd: 2.46v
vddq: 2.73v

running at plain old stock speed: 325MHz core, 700MHz mem

04-24-05, 04:00 PM
It sounds like you should RMA your card :thumbdwn: It sure doesn't look too bright on your side...

04-24-05, 04:56 PM
Mmmhmm.. I have the passive cooling Gigabyte, and have never experienced problems like that. I'd suggest an RMA. As an aside, is that 64 degrees your idle for the V-Card? Because that sounds awfully hot to me - I idle between 50 and 55 depending on how hot the day is.

04-25-05, 05:58 AM
thanks guys.

looks like it's time for RMA!