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04-24-05, 07:28 PM

04-24-05, 07:37 PM
Might be a neat way to kill some time, if they include Coop which I sort of expect them to do.

04-24-05, 07:43 PM

I think i need a new pair of pants after seeing that screen shot.

omg i cant wait!

04-24-05, 07:59 PM
doesnt look as good as I thought it would, course this is only one shot, talk about bright, looks like they put digital vibrance to max...imagine maxing out digital vibrance after it already looks like this :p

04-24-05, 08:03 PM
I wonder if the grass pop up will be less noticeable than in 2nd Encounter.

Vagrant Zero
04-25-05, 02:13 AM
Eh, graphically it's not the bag of chips.

04-25-05, 03:54 AM
Looks great, they are keeping it close to how the originals looked. I like it!

04-25-05, 04:54 AM
Hmmm... looks like a old pre-alpha version pic. Seriously.

By pre-alpha I mean that all the visual splendour is not in place, it's just for testing game mechanics etc.. In that pic SS2 looks like a DirectX 7 game instead of the full DX9 quality they have been saying. I'm no expert but, seems like there is no SM2/3 shader action going on at all etc..

...or maybe their art/design team is just not up to par, dunno. Underwhelming pic.

E3 will start in May 17th. Then we'll see if that's how SS2 really looks.

04-25-05, 05:28 AM
wow i think it looks cool, weapon looks very nice.

04-25-05, 06:03 AM
one thing i LOVE about serious sam is those bright colors. so many games have dark/drab color schemes. i really enjoy all of the serious sam games cause of the colors.

04-25-05, 07:46 AM
...the rolling green hills and the hundreds and thousands of monsters and enemies :)

Tell me about it. The first time I walked into a small rooom and saw tons of ammo, I thought hhhmmmm wonder if If all of this is needed... then after going into the next room (usally a bigger open area) I needed even more ammo :)

04-25-05, 07:52 AM
My favorite moment in a SS game is still when you first meet the headless bombers. Its just so funny...

04-25-05, 08:09 AM
Dosent look good to me though i still wont judge the game from this shot because the only thing looked good in it was the weapon model heh..

04-25-05, 10:49 AM
...are you talking about the ones that runs after you then screams alot?
Yeah. After you kill the first one encountered in the First Encounter Sam retorts, "Aaaaaaah yourself". :D

Edit: Anyone else wondering about those things on tank wheels in the back?

04-27-05, 01:23 AM
Giving this thread a bump.

two new screenies (http://www.seriouszone.com/gallery/ss2?&page=1) and high res versions (http://files.seriouszone.com/download.php?fileid=952)

04-27-05, 03:29 AM
From a early build.... just like I thought :)

I'm really looking forward to E3. I want to see how the real SS2 looks.

04-27-05, 01:55 PM
Omg pwnage!

04-27-05, 02:10 PM
i hope we still have the 100 foot tall bosses :D

04-27-05, 03:00 PM
i hope we still have the 100 foot tall bosses :D
That's a must. I can't imagine SS without it.

04-27-05, 03:10 PM
Did anyone see the magazine scans someone posted at the Seriously! forums before the links got deleted? One of the scans contained a pic of a red bull-like creature with tank wheels. It looked rather large considering its distance from Sam. It's probably not 100-foot large, but it's a good start.

But I'm sure there will be at least one 100-ft creature in the game. Anyone remember that secret room in the Grand Cathedral containing three 100-foot chambers, one of them containing Ugh-Zan III, and another containing a big question mark? :D

04-27-05, 04:16 PM
Sam's cheesy joking is a must too :D

SS's was actually one of the few games I've been laughed out loud at :)

04-29-05, 03:45 PM
info about weapons, levels, Vehicles and more....

04-29-05, 04:05 PM
Giving this thread a bump.

two new screenies (http://www.seriouszone.com/gallery/ss2?&page=1) and high res versions (http://files.seriouszone.com/download.php?fileid=952)

Those 2 shots looks -to some extent- better .. i kinda had a bad impression about that first screenshot.