View Full Version : Midnight Club 3

04-25-05, 09:44 AM
Has anyone played midnight club 3? I have it is a great game. It has a few slow downs but other than it cool. What is your opinion of it?

04-25-05, 10:21 AM
I glossed over the strategy guide at my local EB, and I was pretty disappointed with the overall number of vehicles and the quality of the graphics. I'm just going to wait for Forza to be out next week.

04-25-05, 08:13 PM
I rented it and I think its a great arcade racer, definetly much more customization than NFSU2. I like the addition of motorcycles as well. Sure it doesnt have the greatest graphics available, but graphics arent everything..I'll have to wait to buy it cause i'm trying to save a little money right now.

04-25-05, 08:36 PM
I didn't really like Midnight Club 3. I guess the biggest factor for me is that I play on a super duper PC for all of my games instead of a console. Saying that, I'm hooked on fast gameplay and awesome high res graphics. When I play MC3 on my PS2, I was like "The graphics suck, major graphics lag, etc . . . " It has potential for a descent game . . . on the the PC.

04-25-05, 10:54 PM
After being into NFSU2 I thought it was a much better game overall actually, I liked the big jumps in MC2 and was kind of disapointed in the lack of the HUGE jumps in MC3, but its still a fun game, better looking than NFSU2 imo

Played Xbox version.

04-26-05, 01:19 AM
It would definetly be great if they came out with a PC version of this game. Anyone know if Rockstar has any plans for this?

04-26-05, 08:45 AM
I'll wait until Forza for my driving fix.