View Full Version : GF FX 5700LE 3D problems

04-26-05, 01:05 PM

Just bought this card and all I had with it were troubles. In windows it works just perfect, but when I play a game like UT2003 or WoW it freezes or continues to play and after 5 mins I have horrible graphics.

Figured it could be my powersupply as it was 140 Watt. Upgraded it to 350 today, but the problem still occurs. What driver I use, if I had a clean and fresh windows XP or not :(. I'm sick and tired of it. I spent all my money to upgrade my pc bit by bit and then the stupid card won't work ;_;.

800 MHZ
Via chipset KT133/ KT133A
512 SDRam
GF FX 5700LE 256 MB

I've read that it could be the VIA chipset on my mobo, I upgraded that too. But will try it again. Any help would be very appriciated. I'm going to install the drivers from the cd and then drivers from windows XP itself to see if the problem still occurs. I tried everything, hope somebody has a solution :(.

Tried Coolbits to disable Fast writes, when I do that I can play, else the system crashes instantly...

Sorry for my bad English (Holland/ Netherlands) ._./. Thanks for reading my post.