View Full Version : Gainward 6600GT, tv out black&white

04-27-05, 12:29 PM
My bro just bought a Gainward 6600GT golden sample PCI-E.
Works fine but the TV out is a bit odd..
The card came with a cable that hooked into the Svideo out, and then has Svideon IN, Svideo OUT, Y out/Comp. out, Pr out, Pb, out, Comp in.
I take it that Y, Pr and Pb are some HDTV stuff (luminance, Red, Blue)

As I understood it Y Out and Comp out is shared, so I tried using that, but got a black and white image, so then I figured it only sends out Luminance on that one.
So I tried Svideo OUT, and its still black and white..

Tried PAL, NTSC (it is a PAL tv), also tried both Auto, Composite and Svideo out setting in forceware..
The cable works, used it on the card he swapped out (9700pro).

Anyone have any idea what to do?
Do I have to get some sort of cable that connects Y, Pr, Pb into one Composite or Svideo connector?
Seems like I cant connect a Svideo cable straight to the card either, only via this cable splitter thing the bundled.

04-28-05, 08:02 AM
apparantly (after some trial and error) your supposed to connect the TV to "Pb Out" which is blue..
and not "Y-out/Comp. out" which I thought...
Svideo didnt work at all..

wierd, the manual describes a different connector and just sais "plug it in the yellow" but there wasnt one.. hehe..
so.. solved..